B2B thought leadership research

Cut through the noise with a unique point of view, backed up by exclusive data. 

Stand out with insightful thought leadership content that’s consumable in many formats. Demonstrate your expertise and boost your brand reputation.

Adience has heaps of experience helping B2B brands become thought leaders. We deliver everything you need for white papers that are:

  • Unique and impartial

  • Strategy-led and robust

  • Valuable and visible

  • Resonant and re-usable

Why Adience?

Because your thought leadership strategy is only as good as your research. 

Some agencies say they’ll get 50 CMOs from a research panel to do your 15-minute survey for $10. Yeah, right…

Instead, Adience has a large network of genuine B2B decision-makers to recruit from. Better recruitment means better and more accurate insight for your thought leadership.

Too many companies create reports on topics that aren’t a real challenge for their target audience, or that other thought leadership reports have already covered extensively.

Instead, for unique and compelling angles, we ask the target audience the questions that matter – learning about their pressures, priorities, and what information they need.

And we audit existing thought leadership reports using competitor research to find white space. That way, you’ll have content that leads thoughts, rather than adding to the noise.

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What is B2B thought leadership?


Content strategy

Find white space for your thought leadership reporting; discover the questions your audience wants answered; maximize your ROI.


Content creation

Identify unique insights; get data for reports, infographics, webinars, videos, sales toolkits, and other B2B marcomms; become recognized thought leaders.

Adience’s B2B thought leadership research process

B2B thought leadership is our specialty. Through a program of research, we can:


Build a map of the reports that currently exist in the market – to identify white space and innovative ideas for your thought leadership


Use quantitative and qualitative interviews to identify new insights and tap into experts’ in-depth knowledge


Turn these insights into engaging, hard-hitting, high-quality content showcasing new ideas and key learnings


Collaborate with your partner agencies on a strategy that will maximize reach and media coverage for your business

Why B2B thought leadership research matters

We create thought leadership content that helps your business:


Build trust and stand out

Grab attention by giving your target market valuable insights for free.

Compel customers and prospects to seek out your next piece proactively.


Showcase your expertise

Demonstrate the quality of your service to potential buyers.

Grow the reputation of your brand by demonstrating genuine expertise.


Improve your online presence

Boost your organic SEO performance by encouraging linking to your website.

Get fuel for your social media activity and attract prospects early in the buying cycle.


Change the conversation

Engage with industry leaders and peers by sharing, not sales pitching.

Use content-based marketing to show a desire for mutually beneficial partnerships.

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow. An Adience B2B thought leadership research program has three guiding principles:



Don’t waste time and money focusing on only one report. Maximize your ROI by publishing a series of reports that explore your angle from different, but complementary, perspectives.

This establishes your business as an authority on the theme, building your reputation as a thought leader.

Each report adds to your reputation and benefits from the trust generated by the last one.


Robust data

Most readers in your target audience expect reports with substance, not just your organization’s view.

They want a report with hard data to reinforce your viewpoint. For a robust report, you need to run a B2B survey, review existing surveys, and explore publicly available data.


Reusable content

To maintain momentum and maximize ROI for any thought leadership material, package the content in a variety of ways.

Reports, case studies, best practice guides, videos, interactive content, infographics, webinars, and sales toolkits… Each customer has their own preferences.

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