B2B market research methodologies

We conduct a wide range of research methods globally, including different types of quantitative and qualitative research:

Quantitative research methods
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Statistical analysis – conjoint, regression etc.
  • Other quantitative methods
Qualitative research methods
  • Media diaries
  • Mobile ethnography
  • In-depth interviews – in-person, telephone and videoconference
  • Online research communities
  • Focus groups – in person and online
  • Other qualitative methods

Crucially, we are
methodology neutral:


We tailor the project to your needs and pick the research methodology that is right for the business objective, rather than just pushing primary data collection methods because we specialize in them or can do them more cost effectively.


Everyone in the team is trained in mixed methods research. We don’t have a ‘quant team’ and a ‘qual team’. That means that you don’t get passed between different research method teams and have to keep explaining your business to them.

We couple these data collection methods with smart tools that help us to unlock key insights:

Projective question techniques

‘In the moment’ data capture

Data science and statistics

Normative benchmarks

A/B testing

On top of our mixed methods approach, we use consultancy techniques to bring insights to life and turn insights into action:


Creative visualization


Narrative storytelling


Change management techniques


Implementation workshops

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