B2B product development

Any product manager needs reliable insights to progress an idea through each stage gate and give the marketing or sales team an outstanding solution to work with.

Adience has heaps of experience leading product development research. We deliver all you need for every phase of your product management stage gate process:

  • Idea screen and co-creation

  • Building a business case

  • Concept creation and development

  • Testing with the user base

  • Validation

  • Launch

Why Adience?

Because B2B market research shouldn’t be boring-to-boring. It’s hard to innovate in product development when your research partners are delivering stale, sub-par data.

If their processes are stuck in a 20-year rut, they can’t help you launch new products and services that disrupt the status quo.

We’re not set in our ways – we slot into your systems.

Adience has a large network of genuine B2B decision-maker contacts to tap into. Better recruitment means more accurate answers to your product management questions.

Our research identifies B2B buyers’ unmet, or imperfectly met, needs. It gives you a deep understanding of their aims, current solutions, pain points, and all you need to innovate. 

Whether you’re updating existing offerings, or developing game-changers that will redefine your business model, we’ll help you give better outcomes and experiences to your buyers.

Adience’s B2B product development research process

Through a program of research, we help product managers:

  • Find white space in the market that you can fill
  • Identify gaps in the current offering that you must close
  • Run product ideation sessions with customers and prospects
  • Pinpoint enhancements to product concepts
  • Evaluate the best pricing strategy and forecast demand
  • Develop a sales and marketing strategy to support the launch
  • Explore whether any customer segments differ and why

Why B2B product development research matters

B2B product development research helps product managers:


Inform the creation process

Make evidence-based product development decisions.

Use research to guide the process from an early stage right up to the full launch.


Protect profit margins

Use testing to find the price strategy that will maximize revenues and market share.

Explore the target audience’s sensitivity to slight price increases.


Set marketing strategies

Understand the market and how to target buyers’ unmet needs.

See how to communicate the benefits that will improve conversions.


Launch with confidence

Test ideas, concepts, prototypes, and marcomms before launch.

Get the data and reassurance you need to go live and close the final stage gate.

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow.

An Adience B2B product development study has three guiding principles:


Ideate and iterate

Ideation isn’t about waiting for inspiration. In workshop sessions, there are plenty of smart tools and techniques that can help you identify the right solutions.

And you can collaborate with customers too. After all, they use the products – and some will without doubt have ideas about the ideal solution.


Pick the right price

Different people have different perceptions of value. To choose the optimum price point, you need to know these perceptions for each segment.

That way you find the price point to maximize revenue, profit, market share, or whatever your goal is.

Demand forecasts, combined with the likely costs, can model how much profit you’ll make.


Maximize adoption

However, a good product isn’t enough. To achieve its full potential, it should go to market with a carefully developed sales and marketing strategy.

So the research should identify the messages or marketing channels that will maximize adoption.

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