B2B product development

Adience is an expert in B2B product development research. Through a program of primary research, we’ll help you to enhance your current product or service portfolio, and successfully bring new ideas to market, by:

  • Identifying white space in the market that you can exploit
  • Identifying gaps in your current offering that you must close
  • Conducting product ideation with your customers and prospects
  • Identifying enhancements to product concepts
  • Identifying the best pricing strategy (e.g. optimal pricing model, optimal price point)
  • Forecasting demand
  • Developing the optimum sales and marketing strategy to support the launch of a product
  • Exploring whether any customer segments which differ from the norm and why (e.g. are SMBs’ attitudes different from enterprises’?)

We use these insights to make clear recommendations on how to optimise a product or service. We will also, if relevant, identify the optimal pricing and/or launch strategy.

The team behind Adience has helped dozens of global business-to-business (B2B) brands in their new product and service development activity, including product testing. We couple this extensive experience with a deep understanding of the product development process and a suite of smart tools and research methods which probe the conscious and subconscious.

Based on our extensive experience, we have five principles that guide us when conducting B2B product development research:


Successful new products and services move beyond the status quo. If a need is completely unmet at present, they meet it. And if the need is met but imperfectly, they create better outcomes and/or a better experience. The research should be focused on identifying the unmet/imperfectly met needs. To do so, we need a deep understanding of the target audience’s underlying objectives, the extent to which current solutions achieve these objectives, and any pain points they experience along the way


The next step is to innovate. One way of doing this is to hold an internal workshop to discuss the insights that have been gathered, and identify potential solutions. Alternatively, or in addition, you can collaborate with customers to generate, and iterate, ideas. The latter approach is highly valuable. After all, the customer has significant experience of using existing products, and will no doubt have ideas about the ideal solution


Different people have different perceptions of value. To select the optimum price point you need to understand these perceptions for each group within the target market. This will allow you to identify the price point at which you can maximize revenue, profit or market share (or whatever your objective is for pricing)


Not only does an innovation need to fill a gap in the market, it needs to be an attractive commercial proposition. The research needs to identify the strategic benefits of going to market as well as forecast the likely demand. This information, combined with the likely costs, can be used to model how much profit will be made


However, a good product isn’t enough. To achieve its full potential, it needs to be taken to market with a carefully developed sales & marketing strategy. The research needs to identify the messages, and marketing channels, that can be used to maximize adoption

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