B2B perception tracking

Building a strong B2B brand isn’t easy. It takes time for brand campaigns to cut through.

To monitor your progress, you need to track brand performance measures. Tracking brand health, authority, associations, perceptions, prominence, and so on shows you where to take action.

Adience has heaps of experience in B2B brand tracking. Through a program of primary brand tracking research, we reveal the results of your marketing campaigns by:

  • Measuring overall brand health and monitoring how it changes over time

  • Comparing brand health against competitors

  • Demonstrating the return on investment for brand health marketing initiatives

  • Diagnosing and correcting brand health / brand equity issues

Why Adience?

Because you can’t build a strong B2B brand based on weak information.

Lots of market research agencies aren’t B2B specialists and assume they can conduct B2B brand tracking studies in a similar way to consumer research. That approach often produces very inaccurate data.

B2B audiences aren’t quick and easy to reach at scale but quality must come first, then quantity – not vice versa.

We know that research panels rarely have the senior business decision-makers you want feedback and insights from. That’s why we use more appropriate recruitment methods to find the right people for our brand tracking studies.

More and more B2B brands are coming around to our way of thinking. Several B2B clients moved their brand tracker to us because they didn’t trust data from their incumbent agency.

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Adience’s B2B brand tracking research process

B2B brand tracking is our bread and butter. To support your brand strategy, we will:


Benchmark key metrics measuring the customer experience


Monitor your brand funnel – from awareness and consideration to advocacy


Identify the key drivers of these metrics and your brand performance against them


Reveal and assess your brand perception, plus competitor associations

Why B2B brand tracking research matters

Long-term, consistent brand tracking research helps you:


Increase consideration

Track top-of-mind, spontaneous, and prompted awareness.

See the key drivers of choice and areas you should focus on for brand growth


Find your differentiators

Learn how your brand outperforms competitors against key metrics.

Find out which desired brand attributes you can ‘own’ and capitalize on.


Improve purchase intent

Understand which gaps need closing to strengthen brand equity.

Become customers’ safe, go-to choice for their biggest purchase decisions.


Assess pricing premiums

Track your brand health and authority compared to the competition.

See if you can charge a premium based on your brand’s position in the market.

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow. An Adience B2B brand tracking research program has three guiding principles:


Loyalty nuances

There are many types of brand loyalty in B2B markets. In some markets, customers spend with several suppliers. In others, they only have one choice.

That’s why measuring NPS often doesn’t make sense in B2B. Research must identify which type of loyalty is relevant in your market, before exploring what drives it.


Segment variations

Different customer groups have different priorities and therefore, different opinions on your performance.

Research must find the segments that have different perceptions or drivers of loyalty and what these are.


Hidden influences

Direct questioning doesn’t always reveal the whole truth. The target audience doesn’t always know why they think or behave a certain way, so they give over-rationalized answers.

Research must remove these distortions to understand how true loyalty works. Trade-off techniques such as regression analysis can identify what really influences perceptions.

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