B2B market segmentation

Pinpoint the right people, every time.

B2B customer segmentation splits your target market into groups based on traits, needs, and behaviors. The end result? You can sell to them better.

Adience has heaps of experience leading B2B market segmentation. Segments help your sales and marketing teams:

Why Adience?


Because your market segmentation is only as good as your research.


Some agencies promise they’ll get 50 CMOs from a research panel to take your 15-minute survey for $10. Yeah, right.


Instead, Adience has a large network of genuine B2B decision-maker contacts to tap into. Better recruitment means better – more accurate – answers.


Too many agencies treat B2B segmentation projects as cookie-cutter. Segmentations shouldn’t be standardized models based on a rote combination of demographic data, purchase behavior, customer sophistication, or whatever else.


Adience is different. Every project is as bespoke as your business, designed around your goals or priorities. And we think outside the box, looking for new opportunities – that could mean segmenting by jobs-to-be-done, for example, or a new approach altogether.


The point is, Adience gives you answers you can trust and base your biggest decisions on. Because one size fits no one.

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Why B2B segmentation research matters

Research-led B2B segmentation helps your business:


Prioritize the right customers

Discover target market groups that fit your business strategy.

Leverage account-based marketing techniques to engage key accounts.


Allocate budget and resources

Make the best use of your time and budget with a customer segmentation.

Match content to customers, for messaging that works harder.


Understand your audience

Learn about the different customer segments in your target audience.

Optimize your channel strategy. Refine marketing messages to target their needs.


Increase your win ratio

Tailor your selling approach to suit different segments.

Improve your win ratio with existing customers. Acquire new ones

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow. An Adience B2B market segmentation study has three guiding principles:



Your business is unique. So we don’t have any standardized projects. 

Instead, we tailor our approach and research questions to your specific needs. Every time.

There are many unknowns in any B2B market segmentation project. Our methodology is flexible, to adapt if our understanding of the market – or yours – changes.


Art and science

Your customer segmentation needs a delicate balance of art and science. That means qualitative and quantitative research.

Too much art? Your customer segmentation lacks evidence and will collapse under scrutiny.

Too much science? This creates a behavioral segmentation that’s statistically optimal, but impractical – internal stakeholders won’t recognize these segments among your customers.

Our approach weaves qual and quant together carefully, to paint a fuller picture.


Change management

If colleagues don’t use your market segmentation, it’s not working. Their buy-in is essential.

We involve your key internal stakeholders along the journey, so they can share hypotheses and feel included in the process. Change management is much easier when everyone’s on-side from the start.

Then we develop B2B market segmentation materials that work hard to bring different groups to life. So your colleagues understand, recognize, and use them daily.

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We don’t just do B2B market segmentation. Wherever you have questions about your target audience, Adience can get you answers. Check out our other services: