B2B brand development

Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your brand.

Adience has heaps of experience in business-to-business (B2B) brand development research. Whether you’re developing new or existing brands, we’ve got you covered.

In B2B, a strong brand:

  • Makes you a must-have on shortlists

  • Lets you charge a premium

  • Builds preference and loyalty

  • Makes you the safe choice

  • Is a point of differentiation

  • Simplifies the decision for buyers

Why Adience?

Because B2B market research shouldn’t be boring-to-boring. It’s hard to develop your brand the right way when your brand research partners are delivering stale, sub-par data.

If their processes are stuck in a 20-year rut, they can’t help you grow in the 2020s.

We’re not set in our ways – we slot into your systems. We’ll make clear recommendations for a leading brand position, then map out the journey to reach it.

You’ll have a reliable picture of what your brand is, could, and should be. That provides a clear map for strong brand building, so you can:


Clearly articulate your positioning


Communicate it internally and ensure staff embrace it


Market it externally and monitor your ownership of this position

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Adience’s B2B brand development research process

B2B brand development is our bread and butter. Through a program of research, we will:


Probe the conscious and subconscious to reveal the target audience’s brand perceptions and sentiment


Identify the ideal brand positioning or architecture


Explore whether any customer segments differ from the norm and why

Why B2B brand development research matters

We’ll help your business grow, supporting you with:


Internal benchmarking

Look ‘inside-out’. See and set baseline levels for your different brand strengths. 

Find out where you can capitalize on strong brand aspects and identify the areas for improvement.


External benchmarking

Look ‘outside-in’. Evaluate your brand’s market standing versus competitors.

Use competitive benchmarking to measure brand performance progress and find white space you can move into.


Improving communications

Test your marketing communications strategy against the ideal brand management and positioning.

Communicate more effectively with customers and prospects, to help your brand develop as intended.


Future-proofing your brand

Assess the market, its direction of travel, and the role played by a growing or evolving competitor set.

Inform a robust brand development strategy, for a company looking to keep up with and capitalize on changing times. 

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow. It’s our speciality – we only focus on B2B research, we don’t cover consumer markets. An Adience B2B brand building research program has three guiding principles:


Smart tools

You don’t own your brand. That’s because it lives in a customer’s mind – it’s the sum of all their perceptions about a company.

These brand perceptions are both conscious and subconscious. They’re difficult to articulate accurately.

To create an effective and intelligent brand strategy, you need to use smart tools to uncover the target audience’s true perceptions.


Sense check

Any brand development study has to include some research with internal stakeholders, to identify their perceptions of the current brand performance too.

Optimum brand positioning is only that if staff can live and breathe it day-to-day. If a brand’s communications say one thing, but a customer experiences something completely different, there’s a disconnect that generates mistrust.


Reality check

Brand perceptions influence purchase decisions. After identifying the ideal brand positioning, you must ensure it translates into higher levels of consideration, preference, and advocacy. 

Therefore, whether using qualitative or quantitative research, you must include questions to validate that the brand building activities will ultimately be successful.

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Looking for something different?

We don’t just do B2B brand development research. Wherever you have questions about your target audience, Adience can get you answers. Check out our other services: