Adience is an expert
in the transportation and logistics industry

We help logistics companies better understand their target audience’s needs, attitudes, and challenges.

We are not just researchers, we are also strategists and consultants. That means we make clear recommendations about what research findings mean, and how our clients should act on them.

We have a lot of experience in the transportation and logistics industry.
Our expertise includes
(but is not limited to):

  • Trucking and road freight
  • Airlines and airports
  • Freight rail
  • Shipping and ports
  • Platforms and marketplaces
  • Freight forwarding
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics services (e.g., customs brokerage)
  • Logistics start-ups

Over the last decade, the team behind Adience has helped several logistics providers to better understand their target audience. This experience has allowed us to develop an approach to conducting research in the logistics industry that has three guiding principles.


Immersion is essential.

The logistics industry is incredibly complex. At the beginning of every project, we spend a significant amount of time immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses. We review as many documents as we can, and speak to as many internal stakeholders as we can, in order to become experts in our clients’ businesses.


Unlock emotions.

Logistics services are critical to the success of any shipper, but that doesn’t mean that purchasing decisions are purely rational. Emotions still play a role in buying decisions in the logistics industry. For example, many shippers have worked with the same vendor for years because of their Account Manager relationship. When conducting research in the transportation and logistics sector, we use a variety of methodologies to identify the emotions underlying purchase decisions.


Identify the decision-making dynamics.

Companies buy logistics services in different ways. In some companies, decisions are made by junior employees. In other companies, senior executives make the decision. In some companies, decision-makers operate within very rigid frameworks. Elsewhere, decisions are more fluid and autonomous. Research projects need to explore the context in which a purchasing decision is made before exploring what that decision looks like.

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“True B2B experts. They’ve seen it all before, so know exactly how to solve whatever problem we come to them with. I’d highly recommend them for any B2B project you have in mind. Our clients frequently quote the output as best in class.”

Will Adler, Insight & Carrier Management Executive

I’m hugely impressed by their understanding of complex B2B businesses such as ours. Their professionalism, flexibility and collaborative approach make working together very easy.

Annika Jeppesen, Head of Insights

“I’m always impressed by the high quality of Adience’s work. They really understand our business and are thoughtful about their approach, and that comes through in their outputs. And they’re great to work with – they tailor their approach to meet our needs and are always willing to quickly act on our requests.”

Global Head of Insights, Nilfisk

“Worked really closely with us to design a project that fit our needs, and then demonstrated a really good understanding of our industry, delivering a presentation that told a clear story and was full of lots of fascinating insights.”

Ariela Becker, UX Manager

“I cannot think of anything that I would tell Adience to improve, I just think that they hit the mark in every way throughout this project. I highly recommend them.”

Robin Miller, Associate Director

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