IT market research

It’s tough to keep up with the pace of change in technology. When the chips are down, more agile brands leave IT hardware laggards behind, designing cutting-edge products for their target audience and getting their marketing efforts right.

You need the right sales and marketing strategy, otherwise opportunities pass by – if you conduct market research with IT hardware experts, you get insights to target customers better and grow your market share.

Why Adience?

Because we have stacks of experience in conducting market research for IT hardware companies.

Our market research and consultancy has helped global IT hardware brands with their goals – engaging their target market, entering new ones, and everything in between.

B2B market research and strategy projects are our only focus. So from electronic components to cloud computing, we get your business.

We do things differently. No more ‘black box’ market research. It’s hard to achieve your aims when research companies make big promises at the start, then hide away until their hit-and-miss report is (over)due.

Instead, we work in a super collaborative way as an extension of your team. You’re welcome to get as involved in the primary and secondary research as you like – we’re an open book.

That’s why brands like HP Enterprise, Brother, and Solidigm trust us.

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Our B2B hardware and devices expertise includes these and much more:

  • Communications equipment
  • Mobile devices
  • Office equipment
  • Electronic components
  • Cloud computing
  • Distributors

We’re really good at helping B2B brands grow. Our IT hardware market research has three guiding principles:


Immerse. Fully.

The IT hardware industry is incredibly complex. After a decade of primary and secondary market research in this space, we know.

So at the start of every project, we speak to as many of your internal stakeholders and review as many documents as we can, to become experts in your way of doing things.


Analyze buyers’ decisions.

It’s much easier to sell when you can see behind the scenes. Hardware and device buying dynamics work in many ways, so our consultants and market researchers reveal how your different clients make decisions.

Are they flexible, or following a rigid framework? And who are they – junior staff, or senior execs? Then we’ll show what that decision process looks like, step by step.


Read emotions.

It’s also easier to sell when you can read buyers’ minds. Hardware and mobile devices are critical to companies’ success, so buyers’ decisions really matter – but that doesn’t mean decisions are purely rational.

For example, employees’ brand perceptions can influence the mobile devices that a company purchases for its teams. Our smart tools find the emotions driving IT hardware buying decisions.

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How does Adience help IT hardware companies?

We support your business and research objectives by finding accurate answers to your questions. Innovation in IT hardware and devices is driving growth, but only brands that identify the right potential solutions for their target audience will enjoy a higher market share. Our IT market research and recommendations can help you differentiate and grow.

Which methodologies does Adience use for lT market research?

We use a wide range of research methodologies and smart tools. We do quantitative and qualitative primary research, and secondary research. Surveys, interviews, online focus groups, you name it. But we tailor projects to your needs, choosing the right methods for your business and research objectives first and foremost. Then we use consultancy techniques to turn insights into action and real change for your brand.

What does Adience specialize in?

We live and breathe B2B research to help our clients make informed decisions. We don’t do B2C research at all – we leave that to the traditional marketing research agencies. We speak to genuine, senior B2B decision-makers to get the answers you need.

Who is Adience for?

Anyone working in B2B industries, from niche startups to global technology companies and everyone in between, including both private and public sector organizations. No matter your objectives, our extensive range of services has you covered – whether you want product development research, customer satisfaction research, or anything else.

Which countries does Adience cover?

Our UK and US-based consultants are supported by a network of top-tier global partners, including experienced local market qualitative researchers. We go the extra mile, so you can make informed decisions for the markets you’re targeting.