Financial services market research

Many factors can completely change the fortunes of any financial services company.

The non-stop rise of new, non-traditional financial services players in the sector. The era of the ‘permacrisis’, where instability is the new normal and unexpected events can dramatically - and suddenly - affect the markets. The list goes on. Some circumstances you can’t control. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can. B2B financial services market research that’s completely customized to your objectives – and provides genuinely actionable insights – gives the info you need to make business decisions with conviction.

Why Adience?

Because we have heaps of experience helping financial services firms make billion-dollar decisions.

We help financial services providers develop a deeper understanding of customers and prospects, through quantitative surveys and/or qualitative research. But we don’t stop there.

We’re not just researchers, we’re strategists and consultants. We make clear recommendations about what research findings mean. Then we help you act on them by running workshops, getting stakeholders on-side, whatever it takes.

We challenge market research agencies’ thinking – 50 CMOs taking a 15-minute survey for just $10 each? Yeah, right – and we’ll challenge yours (nicely) if we need to.

Get answers you can trust, from partners you actually like working with. That’s why brands like Paysafe, Banking Circle, Nexi Group, and Payoneer use us.

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Our financial services industry expertise includes:

  • Payments companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Lending companies
  • Blockchain specialists
  • Wealth management firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Retail banking brands

We’re really good at helping companies in the financial services sector grow. Our financial services research has three guiding principles:


Rally internal engagement.

Any financial market is complex and requires specialist knowledge. After a decade of financial services research and consultancy, we know.

That’s why, for every project, we spend at least a full day speaking to your internal stakeholders to learn what makes your business tick.


Find every decision-maker.

It’s easier to sell when you can see behind the scenes. When businesses buy from finance companies, someone in the finance team often leads the decision-making, but other departments have influential roles too.

IT decision-makers may advise against a payments processing solution if they don’t think it’s easy to integrate, for instance. Our research projects identify and engage the hidden influencers.


Win hearts and minds.

It’s also easier to sell when you can read buyers’ minds. Financial services are critical to the running of every business, but that doesn’t mean that buyers’ decisions are 100% rational.

Many buyers stay with the same vendor because they like their account manager, for example. We use smart tools and techniques to analyze the emotions that drive decisions.

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How does Adience help financial services brands?

We support your business and research objectives by finding accurate answers to your questions. There are lots of opportunities out there, but the financial sector is increasingly competitive. Our market research services and recommendations can help you differentiate and grow.

Which methodologies does Adience use for B2B financial market research?

We use a wide range of research methodologies and smart tools. We do quantitative and qualitative primary research, and secondary research. Surveys, interviews, online focus groups, you name it. But we tailor projects to your needs, choosing the right methods for your business and research objectives first and foremost. Then we use consultancy techniques to turn insights into action and real change for your brand.

What does Adience specialize in?

We live and breathe B2B research to help our clients make informed decisions. We don’t do B2C research at all – we leave that to the traditional marketing research agencies. We speak to genuine, senior B2B decision-makers to get the answers you need.

Who is Adience for?

Anyone working in B2B industries, from niche startups to global technology companies and everyone in between, including both private and public sector organizations. No matter your objectives, our extensive range of services has you covered – whether you want product development research, customer satisfaction research, or anything else.

Which countries does Adience cover?

Our UK and US-based consultants are supported by a network of top-tier global partners, including experienced local market qualitative researchers. We go the extra mile, so you can make informed decisions for the markets you’re targeting.